Distance Learning » Administrators


1. Administration will be responsible for communicating the initiation of Distance Learning through the channels currently used for school cancellation including email, Website, facebook, instagram, and Call-One text.
2. Administration will include online learning tools in The Greene School’s professional development plans. This will be supported through communications in crew (advisory) and core classes for all students.
3. The Head of School will communicate the policy and procedures with stakeholders in The Greene School Community including, The Board of Directors, R.I.D.E., Parents, and Students.
4. The Principal will track attendance from teachers. Final attendance will be counted at 5:00PM.
5. The Head of School, Principal, and Instructional Leader will monitor staff unit planners to ensure academic rigor, standards alignment, and course progression. The team will pay close attention to the grade appropriate rigor and advancement of learning including supports for all groups of students. Unit planners and lessons will be reviewed during content team meetings using google hangout or zoom.
Unit Planners will include: earning targets, instructional strategies, and assessment methods for each daily lesson with clearly articulated differentiation strategies and collaboration efforts with special education, student support staff, and director for multilingual learners.
6. The Special Education Director and Head of School will work closely with special educators and student support staff to monitor case management services and student accommodations/modification as indicated in IEP/504 documents. The Special Education director and 504 Coordinator will host meetings two times weekly to ensure the implementation of services as required under FAPE and in alignment with the IEP/504 services. (Tuesday and Thursday)
7. The Head of School, Principal, and Instructional Lead will host content team virtual meetings two times weekly to review course and student progress, and provide support to teachers with planning for curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
8. The leadership team will be collecting data over the course of each week to monitor student progress and measure the success of The Greene School distance learning program. The leadership team will review and organize this data during a virtual administrative meeting every Friday morning to share with the school community.
9. Maintain the cleanliness of the school buildings using the CDC recommendations and contract City-Wide company. 
10. All administrative team members and support staff will be available to support teachers, students, and families each day through distance learning.
11. The Head of School will ensure that all staff including hourly paid and part-time employees are engaged in the distance learning program for the term of each employee's weekly contracted hours.
Leadership and Support Staff
Joshua Laplante, Head of School [email protected]
Alex Edelmann, Principal [email protected]
Brendan Haggerty, Instructional Guide [email protected]
Paul Vigeant, Special Education Director [email protected]
Brianna Belmore, Business and Finance [email protected]
Lori Amore, Data and Enrollment [email protected] 
Sussan Aguilar , Attendance and Spanish Translation [email protected]