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The purpose of this document is to outline an action plan in case of an unanticipated, sustained school closure.
The Greene School, in an effort to mitigate the disruptive effect of extensive missed days on our educational community, intends this policy to continue productivity through utilization of our resources in technology. These will be addressed as “Distance Learning Days”.
The Greene School intends to treat these Distance Learning Days as normal classroom days with expected attendance, as well as, adherence to The Greene School code of conduct.
TGS is well-prepared to deliver and meet rigorous learning standards on Distance Learning Days given our 1-1 device ratio, our regular use of online learning strategies, and the flexibility of our program. All teachers are issued school laptops that can be taken home. Smartphones are common amongst the majority of teachers and students. Our classes are expected to communicate through Google Classroom, Google Hangout, or Zoom.
In the case of circumstances that would cause the cancellation of a school day, staff and students of The Greene School will continue to engage from a distance through use of their virtual tools creating and completing meaningful curriculum based work.
Leadership and Support Staff
Joshua Laplante, Head of School [email protected]
Alex Edelmann, Principal [email protected]
Paul Vigeant, Special Education Director [email protected]
Brianna Belmore, Business and Finance [email protected]
Lori Amore, Data and Enrollment [email protected] 
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