Distance Learning » Parents


1. Review the quick guide: Google Classroom for students and check in on the Google classroom page daily with your students for support, guidance, and full comprehension of learning expectations.
2. Provide space and time for your student to engage in distance learning.
3. Reach out to teacher, administrators, support staff with questions using our school website directory.
4. Check your email, TGS facebook, and school text for regular updates. If you are not receiving emails from The Greene School, please reach out to Mr. Laplante at [email protected] and your email will be added to our listserve.
5. Powerschool will be updated at least two times each week. Click on the Powerschool link to review your student progress on distance learning. Please contact the school's guidance counselor for assistance if you are having difficulties logging in. 
6. Parents will communicate expected absences from distance learning by emailing Ms. Aguilar at [email protected]  Students will be marked present using the 1D code: (Present - Out of School, regular instructional program activity).