Distance Learning » Students


1. Students are expected to participate fully demonstrating their Habits of Character (HOC) and Responsibility for Learning.
** Habits of Character are regularly assessed in addition to academic proficiencies.
2. Students are responsible to reply to the assignment sent by their teacher upon receipt as to make the teacher aware of their receipt and to indicate their intention to participate. All students are required to participate daily in distance learning and report via email at [email protected] when they will be absent from the daily lessons.
3. Students are to read the full assignment instructions and ask any clarifying questions they may have through Google Classroom, Hangout, Email, or Zoom.
4. Students are expected to complete their assignment and participate to the best of their ability. Participation and completion of work is required.
5. Resources will be made available to students as part of lessons for academic support and advancement.
6. Students have the responsibility to communicate with teachers and support staff with questions using google classroom, email, or participation in hangout meetings.
7. Students will have until 5:00pm during distance learning to complete assigned work. Attendance will be taken for each class and each student. (Teacher office hours 10am-3pm)