Distance Learning » Teachers


1. Teachers are to appropriately modify their lesson plans to accommodate distance learning. **
2. Teachers are to post their assignments to their class’s Google Classroom with specific instructions as to when the given assignment is to be completed and what format the teacher expects the work (Email, google drive, other). Assignments will be posted by teachers, no later than 10:00AM.
3. Teachers are to hold digital office hours where they can be reached through email or google classroom for immediate response with lesson help. Teacher digital office hours will be from 10:00AM- 3:00PM.
4. Teachers are expected to count assignments completed toward attendance for their class for the day and report their attendance to administration. Attendance will be tracked in Powerschool and reviewed daily for accuracy. This will require office staff responsible for attendance to share attendance data with teachers daily in order to make corrections as appropriate. We need this to be as accurate as possible for state reporting
5. Though most teachers are proficient, there will be Professional Development throughout the year to ensure teacher success.
6. Crew leaders will be reaching out twice per week (Mon/Fri) to check in will all crew students. This will provide an additional face-to-face time with at least one adult. Assignments will closely mirror what is typically delivered during a regular class period, especially as Google Classroom is used daily in all classes and will fit into the current course of study for each class. All accommodations for IEP, EL, and 504 students will be included in each lesson plan.
7. Special Educators will work closely with content teachers and teaching partners in co-taught classes (ELA/MTH) and on specific service caseloads to provide academic support as indicated in students’ IEP services.
8. Case Managers will reach out to students and families for virtual check in at least two times each week (Tuesday/Thursday). Team meetings will remain scheduled and conducted through virtual modes with full team structure and protocols. For privacy, students that require accommodations or specialized instruction will receive assignments, supplementary materials, and support via email or direct outreach.
9. School Social Worker, Guidance, Psychologist, and School Nurse will contact students and families who receive direct services during the school day to provide support to students as required through IEP and/or 504 service requirements and for students who have been identified as needing additional support with changes in routine and SEL services. Speech and Language services will continue virtually in small groups or individually according to service requirements.
10. Additional staff including teaching partners and operational staff will consult daily with smaller identified caseloads of students to ensure smooth transitions and support as needed for distance learning success.