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Student Leadership

In the EL Education Model and at The Greene School, leaders unite staff, students, and the broader community around an inspirational vision of student success rooted in EL Education's Dimensions of Student Achievement. This vision transforms schools into places where students and adults engage in purposeful, challenging, and joyful learning.- EL Education Core Practice 32: Fostering a Cohesive School Vision
Ella Culton, Class of 2019, was the recipient of the National Green Schools Student Leader for her service and commitment to environmental and social justice. Listen to the speech she offered at the national conference in St. Paul, Minnesota where she received her award.

Developing Engaged Citizens and Active Leaders


School-Based Student Leadership Opportunities

1. Stewardship
An important goal of our mission and vision is that our students will become environmental stewards and will actively manage the limited resources we share as a global community. Through our rigorous environmental science education, we provide the opportunities to reach this goal.  Each grade has an assigned year- long stewardship project based on student interest which they can participate in at school and eventually out in the communities they are from.  
1. Student Ambassadors
A group of 25 students from grades 9-12 participate in the student ambassador program offering new insight into school policies, decisions, and program development. Students can apply each year to join the movement for making positive change to our community. Meetings are held regularly and offer training workshops and symposiums at local colleges and universities.
2. Service Learning
As an expeditionary learning and nature-based school, our expeditions incorporate a final product which has a public service- learning component to it.  This allows them to present their learning to a broader external community, usually off-campus.  Service learning also takes place voluntarily as students, along with adult leaders, have visited Flint Michigan to provide water and water filters to people in need. While in Flint, they also collaborated with school and student leaders, parents , and political leaders on the impact of the water crisis in their city.  Students also participated in the Climate March in Washington DC. 
2. Student Government
The Student Government works closely with the school principal to coordinate events and build a strong culture rich in spirit and opportunity. There are four elected executive positions in the student government program: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. All members are equally responsible for the success our school initiatives and work as liaisons between students and school staff.
3. Community Service
The Greene School values community service, giving back and helping others by encouraging and expecting them to be engaged citizens and active leaders.   Students participate in community service both individually and as a member of our school.  TGS students are involved in community service projects across the entire state.  Examples include the Nathaniel Greene Homestead, Roger Williams Park Zoo, and the Ninigret Park Observatory.  Community service is a graduation requirement as well as a requirement for acceptance into  National Honor Society. 
3. Crew Representatives
Crew Representatives are important members of the student leadership program. They are responsible for sharing information, collecting data, and leading crews by example with enthusiasm and responsibility. Each crew offers two positions for a total of 30 crew representatives.