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See Prior Trips Here

2021-2022: TBD!

2020-2021: No travel to due to COVID

Cambodia and Vietnam: Beyond the Conflicts of War and Genocide. 2019-2020
In early 2020 we traveled into the heart and soul of Southeast Asia to the region’s natural wonders and fascinating cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia. We explored the uniquely rich heritage of each country, urban culture, awe-inspiring landscapes, and complex histories. We traveled through countrysides dotted with rice paddies and floating villages untouched by centuries, and visit ancient temples. We immersed ourselves in the culture and cuisine of Vietnam and visited the markets where we honed our bargaining skills. We learned about the Vietnam War from a local perspective, hearing first hand accounts from veterans. We visited infamous battle sites in Southern Vietnam and explored the Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, ventured deep into the tunnels of the Viet Cong, and completed a homevisit in the charming Mekong Delta which serves as a vital waterway for Southern Vietnam. We witnessed the heights of Cambodia's past at Angkor Wat, and contemplated its lows by walking the infamous and emotional Killing Fields. Cambodia is a country still finding its feet but we were struck by the people’s warmth and hospitality. This trip expanded our horizons, deepened our insights, and transformed our view of the world. 

Cuba: A Cultural Odyssey of Two Worlds. 2018-2019
After almost a half century of a travel ban due to a trade embargo, our neighbor to the south opened for travel. Students stepped back in time as they explored the music, art, and culture of Havana, Cuba and saw first hand the dichotomy between their isolation and modernity. Students experienced the shortage of available goods as they drove market to market looking for bottled water and the abundance of fresh, healthy, and organic meals; they saw imagery of the Cuban Revolution and of a people ready for real change. Our students stayed in casa-particulares, or private homes with the owner and had the opportunity to hear their stories and interact on a personal level to better understand what life in Cuba is like. They played a baseball game in a local artists community and youth center, swam in the Cuban Keys crystal clear waters, and spent a night dancing the Cuban two-step. After a day of service getting their hands dirty in the fields at a small eco-farm, the two women who owned the property cooked a feast for our students to share and they learned how the country to rehabilitating clear-cut land while visiting a biosphere reserve.  

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway: Building Human Capacity through Social Welfare. 2017-2018 
Three remarkable countries and three remarkable capitals. Students explored the pressing issues, beliefs, and values from this region of Europe through the examination of the refugee crisis, restorative justice, and public school education. They toured the Vigeland Sculpture Park and saw over 200 sculptures depicting humanity and learned about the Vikings in Oslo, explored the fairy-tale like streets of Copenhagen on bikes and attended the Queen’s birthday celebration in the Royal square, and tasted the delicious pastries of Stockholm after a day of hiking in the countryside. Their service learning work was at the Stockholm City Mission, a non-profit that works with some of the most vulnerable people in Sweden- those living in the homeless. Students cleaned the roof-top terrace with residents and saw the benefits of a restorative system.  

Tanzania: Immersion and Service Learning. 2016-2017
Just a short distance from the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro lies Arusha and the village of Oldonyowas, where students spent the majority of their time. Driven by the community’s need, TGS students helped to begin the restoration of a classroom in the village. To frame the service project, facilitators took TGS students into the community to connect personally with the schools’ students and village parents and to see how the community lived. They went to the market to learn how locals shop and bartered in Swahili, bringing home the necessary foods for dinner that night; they carried water on their heads from a well kilometers away; played soccer and kickball with local children; and herded their goats. Each day, they spent a few hours working on the service project alongside the community and our guides, two Masasi Warriors. Students went to the plains on safari to see the elephants, zebras and wildebeests, and peaceful giraffes; took daily morning “Warrior Walks,” and Massai games and learned about their traditions.  

Berlin, Prague and the Alps 2015-2016
During this incredible field experience, students interacted with new cultures and visited important landmarks such as Checkpoint Charlie and the remains of the Berlin Wall, Dachau Concentration Camp, and beautiful castles, retreat in the Alps and much more.​
Ecuador & the Galapogos 2014-2015
The Galapagos Islands are most famous for the profound discoveries of Charles Darwin. Students will carry on that scientific tradition as they learn about the unique species that call the island chain home. On the mainland in Ecuador, students will explore the local culture, beautiful plazas, museums—providing social context to the biological wonders of this fascinating country.

Costa Rica 2013-2014
During this incredible field experience based out of the city of Liberia, students will interact with new cultures and visit important landmarks such as Earth University and AD Astra Rocket Company where we will meet with a Costa Rican astronaut. We will also explore a forest’s canopy, explore the natural world on horseback, enjoy hot springs heated by a volcano, tour a coffee mill and visit a wildlife refuge for turtles. A school visit to meet with local students is also in place where TGS students will immerse themselves in Spanish language immersion.

Hawaii & Japan 2012-2013
Inspired from Ms. Edelmann’s work in Japan with Fulbright-Japan for Education in Sustainable Development, Greene School students traveled with her and Mr. Johnson to Hawaii, Nagasaki and Hiroshima to study the devastating effects of war, interview survivors of Pearl Harbor and the Atomic Bombs and examine the legacy of peace memorials and friendship between the nations.
China 2011-2012
Students from Ms. Xu’s Mandarin Chinese class traveled to China to explore Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, explored the Summer Palace, and learned about pearl harvesting from the Forbidden City. They played along the Great Wall of China, reenacted a curling match from the 2008 Olympics outside the famous Olympic Stadium, the Crow’s Nest and marveled at the Terra Cotta Warriors.