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Summer Reading

Dear Students of The Greene School,

As this school year comes to a close, we reflect on the resilience of our students and our TGS community.  While we have had many unexpected interruptions in our learning, our community has pressed on and seen ultimate success, despite living in, and adjusting to, life amidst a Pandemic. It is always our goal to encourage all students to become lifelong readers and to see reading as an integral and vital part, of not only your life, but of society. Reading transports us to places we have not been and into new worlds, providing a filter through which we can clarify our thinking. It is with this goal in mind that we have adjusted and carefully chosen the summer reading selections.

For this year, students are required to all read one text that has been designated for their grade level, but are encouraged to read more from the selections offered. There will not be a required assignment for the book, however, upon returning to school, students will engage in conversations and work surrounding the texts. Having read the books will also offer all students the opportunity to begin the year with strong connections to their expeditions. 

All summer texts can be found in your local library, although we do recommend that you purchase your books for the purpose of annotation and ease of access during the Fall semester. Below, you will find the requirements for each grade level (with links to purchase on Amazon) and the assignment. 

Please reach out with any questions! All work is due upon returning to school in the Fall. We can be reached at (401) 397-8600 or emailed at Ms. Kristiansen (English teacher) at [email protected], or Ms. Edelmann (Principal) at [email protected].

As always, the more students read over the summer, the more prepared they will be for high school and college. We encourage students to take a book with them wherever they go. In addition, a great way to keep up with writing skills is to journal about summer adventures. So, get lost in a text while enjoying the sunshine -- read as many books as possible this summer. 

Have a wonderful summer!

The Greene School English Department