“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness ... Mark Twain

Challenge: Expand your horizons as you explore new places and new waysof seeing the world


Learning: Connect your learning in classroom with your travels abroad as you immerse yourself in the history, language and perspectives of a new culture and land


Connections: Small group size allows more personalized experiences as you forge friendships and make memories that will last a lifetime


Impact: Soak in the experience and bring your learning home to your community.

2017-2018 Global Ventures Travel


EF Tours: Planning





 2016-2017 TRIP


Tanzania, Africa


A group of our students were fortunate enough to have spent their February break in Tanzania, Africa! 

Meaningful Service - Students were assigned to replace a floor in a school in the remote village of Oldonyawas in the Ashura region. Through this collaborative work, both our students and the community were enriched.


Cultural Immersion- Students lived, stayed and interacted with the community We learned new customs, participated in Swahili language lessons, tasted new foods and delight in the beautiful landscape.


Leadership Development- We developed and strengthened our leadership skills through activities and workshops, investigated global issues and explored social justice and environmental issues.

What our students had to say...
"Despite all my preparation, my senses were overloaded..."
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"Being a global citizen is not simply traveling from one country to another, to be a true global citizen you need to immerse yourself into the everyday life and culture  of every country you visit."  

A.P. Class of 2014


"Hawaii was beauitful, Japan was enchanting. I think the lesson I will carry with me the most though is what I learned from the Japanese students in Hiroshima. There was so much I never considered regarding war, neclear energy and mostly PEACE."  

M.K. Class of 2013


"I travelled to China last year to expand upon my knowledge of the world, and be able to see how life is in other places. I’ve always wanted to travel the world, and China was a great experience to do so. I can only hope Japan brings on the same amount of fun and knowledge as China did." 

M.R. Class of 2015


"One of your favorite memories? Dancing in the streets of Shanghai with live music and locals!"  

K.P. Class of 2014


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