Bearing Witness: Holocaust Studies: This course affords students the opportunity to become immersed in the social, political, and historical foundations of the Holocaust. Students will examine topics ranging from the roots of antisemitism to the sociological theories of crowd psychology. This course will prepare students to successfully and meaningfully engage and process the weighty content of the spring international student trip. Course content will relate to current events as students will analyze the modern day echoes of the holocaust. In addition the course will focus on the local history, culture, and language of trip locations.


Blues to Hip-Hop, Sociology in the Rock and Roll Era: We will spend the week researching and discussing the influence and influences of modern music on society.  We will be following a curriculum where we will analyze musical artists and how their music and words impact our world.  The intensive will culminate with students delivering a multimedia presentation on one of this year’s nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Cold Case: How do local plants and animals survive the winter? New England is characterized by the beauty of our changing landscape. How do changes in the weather create challenges for native species? How do RI plants and animals overcome these challenges and how do field biologists document and study the amazing and intertwining cycles in forests, fields and ponds? We invite you to be wildlife biologists, botanists and entomologists as we explore the woods, fields and wetlands to discover how native species adapt to our changing seasons.   We will be looking through the lense of artists and scientists to become naturalists as we document our findings in a gallery of specimens, drawings and photographs. Bring your specimen bags,  sketch pads, notepads and curious mind along for an adventure at Audubon and around our lovely campus!  


Spoken Word and Social Justice: In this intensive, students will learn about how spoken word can help them express their opinions about issues of social justice in today’s society. Our workshops will focus on exploring current events both on a national level and a state level. We will focus on public speaking skills and performance art, as well as creative writing through free form verse. The intensive will conclude with a school wide  performance “coffee house” where students will have the chance to perform their work in front of others.


Forestry Trail Blazing:  In this hands-on and active intensive, students will help to create and blaze a new TGS-Breakheart Pond trail, complete the ‘Main2Annex’ woodland path, develop an Outdoor Learning Station, and selectively prune and thin existing natural vegetation on the TGS campus.  Students will also learn to identify  the various plant species around our campus in order to tag them for use by our learning community. An introduction to groundskeeping and woodland maintenance will also be a focus of this intensive.

Differing Abilities:  This Intensive will familiarize students with differences and struggles that some face every day.  Students will learn how the Design Principles are applied to their learning in this Intensive.  With the knowledge and understanding gained from this Intensive experience, students will be encouraged and empowered to practice kindness and understanding when in the company of someone with a physical or developmental challenge.  


Peace Portraits:  We all need peace in our lives now and then, and we all find it in different ways.  It adds to our quality of life. For this intensive, students will investigate the following questions:  Where do I find peace in my life? How do I find peace?  When do I look for peace? Why do I need peace? From this investigation, students will prepare a self-portrait considering framing, positioning, and lighting in order to make a statement or tell a story.  Students will use elements from reflective writing samples to create an artist statement that “helps us see the world through another’s lens”.



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