Greene School Graduation Requirements

Students graduating from The Greene School must complete the following graduation requirements:

Course Expectations

English, 4 courses

Math, 4 courses

Science, 4 courses

History, 4 courses

World Language, 2 courses

Art/Music/Technology, 2 courses

Wellness, 4 courses

Sophomore Passage Presentation

Senior Portfolio Presentation

40 Hours of Community Service 

Crew each year

Senior Portfolio Expectations

The State of Rhode Island requires two performance based graduation requirements.  Greene School students meet their first PBGR in tenth grade with passage.  Our second is met in the twelfth grade with completing a portfolio.  This portfolio will consist of gathering artifacts from the student’s secondary education and preparing to present these artifacts to a panel of constituents from the Greene School community. The artifact checklist is below:


Artifact Checklist

Academic Standard #1 Research and Problem Solving

All students will research, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize to solve problems.

  • Employing Effective Research Skills

            ☐ One (1) research paper using MLA format  

  • Using Logic in Problem Solving

            ☐ Three (3) Math artifacts from different Math courses  

  • Acquiring & Analyzing Information

            ☐ One (1) Lab Report from a Science course

            ☐ One (1) Engineering and Design Project from a Science course

            ☐ One (1) Science artifact demonstrating understanding of the  interdependence of human and natural systems


Academic Standard #2: Communication

All students will communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Reading & Writing Critically for a Variety of Purposes

            ☐ Five (5) of the following  - Three (3) artifacts must come from an English course

                        ☐ Informative Writing                       ☐ Response to Literature                 ☐ Argumentative Writing                    

                        ☐ Narrative Writing                           ☐ Reflective Writing

  • Speaking & Listening Accurately in a Variety of Settings

            ☐ Two (2) artifacts demonstrating the following:

                        ☐ Individual Presentation                       ☐ Socratic Seminar                 

                        ☐ Performance                                        ☐ Podcast                                          ☐ Other: ______________


Academic Standard #3: Technology

All students will use technology to access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information.

             ☐ Two (2) artifacts demonstrating proficient use of technology from any course

                         ☐ PowerPoint                                         ☐ Video          Intensive video History movies        

                         ☐ Excel                                                   ☐ Podcast                                          ☐ Other:


Academic Standard # 4: The Arts

All students will demonstrate skills to create, produce, and/or critique an artifact with integrity and originality.

             ☐ One (1) artifact demonstrating proficiency from an Arts course


Culture and Character #1: Cultural Competency

All students will demonstrate understanding and respect for the diversity of ideas, cultures, and lifestyles.

             ☐ One (1) artifact demonstrating proficiency from a Social Science course

             ☐ One (1) artifact from a course that demonstrates understanding of and connection to social justice


Culture and Character #2: Self-Directed Learning

             All of the following must be revised and completed

               ☐ Resume, Cover Letter and College Essay

               ☐ Three (3) Crew leader evaluations of SLC presentations (9th, 10th, 11th)

               ☐ Completion of Senior Portfolio Presentation

               ☐ My Final Word


Culture and Character #3: Community Health and Wellness

All students will demonstrate understanding of political, environmental, social, and/or economic issues that affect the present and future health of our community and world.

             ☐ One (1) artifact demonstrating stewardship of self from Wellness course

             ☐ One (1) artifact from a course that demonstrates understanding and proficiency of service and stewardship.


Culture and Character #4: Community Service

All students will respect people, ideas and property through participation in school and community activities.

             ☐ Completion of 40 hours of Community Service and/or Internship Experience related to TGS mission


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