TGS Sponsored Scholarships

The Founder’s Chair Award is presented in honor of The Greene School founder, Dr. Amy Pratt.  This honor is awarded annually to the student who best exemplifies the vision and mission of Dr. Pratt, as articulated in The Greene School mission statement.

The recipient of this award must demonstrate strong habits of work, global and local leadership, and a commitment to environmental stewardship during his or her time at The Greene School.   The scholarship is for $500.











Deanna Duncan Scholarship Award:  This scholarship is presented in honor of Deanna Duncan the former Head of School, who led the Greene School with vision, dedication and integrity from its founding in 2010 through 2015. It is awarded annually to a member of the senior class whose passion for science, entrepreneurial spirit, and compassion represent those personal traits of Mrs. Duncan and whose breadth of interests and involvement in academics and co-curricular activities earned the respect of the community.  This award is $500.

Alumni Association Scholarship:  This scholarship is presented by The Greene School Alumni Association, and was created to develop a culture of philanthropy. It is awarded annually to a member of the senior class who exemplifies the school's values of integrity, compassion, tolerance, perseverance, and responsibility. The recipient of this award is the embodiment of “We are Crew, Not Passengers." This student was selected with confidence in their continued involvement as alumni, and to carry the commitment of “Paying it Forward” to their community. Both the application and teacher/guidance counselor recommendation forms need to be filled out and submitted by the due date. This scholarship is for $500.


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