Ms.Alex Edelmann is a founding teacher of The Greene School and is now the school's Principal.  Instructional Guide for the Humanities Department and serves as the 20th Century History teacher as well. A founding teacher at TGS, she has worked with the Instructional Leadership Team to develop school curriculum and policy, including the writing of and compiling of the school's Crew curriculum. Ms. Edelmann also oversees the International Travel Program which strives to make exploration accessible to all TGS students. She is the 2012 recipient of the Fulbright JAPAN Teacher Exchange Program for Education in Sustainable Development and the 2014 Peter McWalters Professional Educator Award. She has also presented at the Expeditionary Learning Schools National Conference several times.


Mr. Brian Flamand graduated from Rhode Island College in 2003 with a BA in Geography.  After graduation, he worked in an alternative middle school as a Social Studies and Physical Education teacher.  In 2016, Brian graduated from Rhode Island College with a BS in Secondary Education Social Studies, 5-12 Special Education, and earned his Middle Level Certification as well.  Brian came to The Greene School because he believes in the Expeditionary Learning process that engages learners through environmental stewardship, immersion into nature, and the cross-curricular approach to learning that presents topics from multiple angles.  Brian teaches a transition course at The Greene School and co-teaches in math and history. 

Katherine Gee-Champagne is the school social worker at The Greene School. She received her BS from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Education. She later earned her Master of Social Work from Fordham University. Her passion to assist children has afforded her the opportunity to work as a teacher, clinical supervisor, addiction and crisis clinician, and care manager. In addition to her school position she owns and operates a private practice in East Greenwich.  In her spare time she volunteers at a local school and enjoys camping with her family, and is always eager to sail in Narragansett Bay. Her passion for competitive sailing has taken her to new and exciting places to experience and learn about diverse cultures. Her ultimate goal is to treat all individuals with dignity and respect, and assist students on their journey of life.


Ms. Lara Haggerty pursued a career in wildlife biology earning her Bachelor of Science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  After 

graduating, she  managed 332 acre Washburn Island, a part of the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, and also worked for the Massachusetts Audubon Coastal Waterbird Program. She also worked as a zookeeper in a rescue and rehabilitation zoo in Arizona, 

and completed her Master of Science degree in conservation biology at Antioch University New England.  Ms.Haggerty previously worked  for the Nature Conservancy and taught at an Expeditionary Learning School. 


Ms. Sue Hoaglund teaches music and the German Language to Greene School students. A trained classical violinist, Ms. Hoaglund graduated Boston University with a Bachelor degree in Music, and holds two advanced degrees in German and English. She brings almost 30 years of music directing and teaching to The Greene School. She continues to build the Music program at The Greene School, which involves teaching general and elective music classes, plus foundation music classes in piano and guitar,and other instruments as needed. Addionally, Ms. Hoaglund offers electives in music related subjects such as the History of Jazz and the History of Rock and Reggae, all of which are designed to engage and inspire students in their educational journey. Ms. Hoaglund’s role will be to enhance the Arts programs that will be available to students throughout their high school experience and as such, she will team with other teachers to run after school programs such as Drama Club and a Theatre program, and she will also lead a German Club. Ms. Hoaglund will continue in her role of Advisor, as she continues to run the Greene School’s National Honor Society .



Mr. Brendan Haggerty Throughout his thirteen years working as an educator, Mr. Haggerty has been deeply involved in the creation and operation of two EL Education charter schools, Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy (2005-2010) in Arizona and The Greene (2010-current). During this time at Greene he has helped lead the development of wilderness orientation programming, expedition fieldwork experiences, and school-wide assessment and instruction practices. As a teacher and leader at TGS, he has been involved in the creation of the science-focused Learning Expeditions at TGS, which focus on the critical environmental topics of the 21st Century (energy, food, waste, and sustainable development) and NGSS Standards. In 2013, Mr. Haggerty led a team of students through the process of becoming a Department of Education Green Ribbon Award Winner, which the school was awarded in 2014. In 2014, Mr. Haggerty was also awarded the Formal Environmental Educator of the Year by the New England Environmental Education Association.


Mr. Nicholas Pasterino is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and holds a B.S. Ed. in Chemistry. He is a passionate believer in the power education provides young people to change the world for the better and the power of wilderness and nature to transform our relationships with the world.  When not in his classroom, Mr. Pasterino is likely to be found in the high mountains or exploring the desert landscapes of the Southwest. 

Mr. Jeff Johnson, who holds a BA in History and a Master's Degree in Special Education, started as a special education teacher in Providence, R.I. at The Providence Center School and later at the MET high school in South Providence for five years. As a special educator he developed a real appreciation for the learning differences of all students and became an advocate for special education students in particular. Mr. Johnson also has a profound love of history and held a history teacher position at The Greene School for several years. He also has the privilege of running an economics class as well as being the coach of the school's rocketry club.  He has also served as a National Park Ranger on Mt. Rainier for a several seasons.

Ms. Katie Truskoski earned undergraduate degrees in Art and Art History from the University of Rhode Island. She completed her Masters in Teaching Art Education at Rhode Island College and has taught Visual Art and Design in Connecticut and Rhode Island. She is also a certified adult and children’s yoga teacher, and brings mindfulness practices into the classroom whenever possible. In 2016, Katie was recognized as a best practices lecturer in Social Justice Art Education through the National Art Education Association. She has exhibited her artwork nationally, and her relief prints were included in the book Paper Politics: Socially Engaged Printmaking Today.



Ms. Michele Percival is a lifelong Rhode Islander who appreciates all our small state has to offer in its vast scenery and changing seasons. She graduated from Rhode Island College with her Bachelor’s Degree in English and Secondary Education. Michele believes that writing gives students a voice. It is a valuable tool for change, an essential skill for any potential job opportunity, and vital preparation for college. She attends the annual RI Writing Project Conference and utilizes these valuable skills in her classes. Michele is excited to be part of The Greene School Community and looks forward to utilizing the Expeditionary Learning Framework.


Ms.Julie Pettis has been active in environmental issues since 1982. Miss Pettis is a founding member of RI Group Against Spraying Pesticides and served for several years on the board of the Environment Council of Rhode Island.  Ms. Pettis’  teaching career began in 1992 at St. Joseph School in West Warwick and Notre Dame School in Coventry.  She began studying American Sign Language in 2000 and worked part time as an interpreter for 9 years.  She also worked for “Sing a Sign”, teaching American Sign Language to hearing children in nine different schools.  She was a staff member for “Silent Camp, a summer program for Deaf adults at Burlingame Campground for five summers.  Ms. Pettis describes her feeling being at The Greene School as, “…right at home.”


Mr. Michael Refici received his BA in Mathematics from Ithaca College, and an MAT from Rhode Island College. Before coming to The Greene School, Mr. Refici worked as an Assistant Professor at the community college level. He is an accomplished musician, and enjoys playing music in his free time. Mr. Refici's teaching philosophy is that all students can learn, no matter what obstacles they may face. He enjoys motivating students to succeed, and the rewards that come from seeing them reach their goals.



Dr. Lauren Ziady joined The Greene School team in August of 2017, shortly after she moved to Rhode Island.  She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida.  She went on to pursue her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling at Boston College and her doctorate in Northeastern University's Combined Program in Counseling and School Psychology.  During her training, she focused on neuropsychology, working with children through testing to discover how they learn best.  She is also interested in executive functioning and attachment and wrote her doctoral dissertation on the impact of chronic trauma on executive functioning.  Dr. Ziady enjoys working with teenagers as they work through the process of self-discovery and awareness and thoroughly enjoys the time she spends getting to know The Greene School students. 


Ms. Sarah Stewart - was born and raised on Aquidneck Island. She graduated from Roger Williams University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Secondary Education.  As of 2018, she will have a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Providence College. She believes that learning and education are a life-long adventure and is always looking to pursue more educational opportunities.  Ms. Stewart teaches an academic support/intervention block and co-teaches in 9-12 English classes.


Ms. Cynthia Tanzer received her BA from Earlham College in Mathematics and Japanese, and subsequently, her MAT from the same college.  Before coming to The Greene School, Ms. Tanzer spent time in Japan working as an English Language Teacher Assistant.  She plays the flute, and has performed in flute choirs, orchestras, as well as solo work.  Ms. Tanzer is grateful to work at a school that encourages students to learn about many cultures, and learn in many learning styles.



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