Our active PTSO works incredibly hard to plan activities for the students at The Greene School.  They would love to have your input and membership to make each child's time at TGS the best it can be~  

Upcoming PTSO Meeting Dates for the 2013-2014 school year:

All meetings are on Tuesdays and begin at 6:30PM and will be at The Greene School-  94 John Potter rd in West Greenwich, RI, unless there is a red asterisk- which means the meeting will be held at the new New England Tech Building off I95, Exit 8.

September 10th

October 15th *

December 10th ( Meeting cancelled due to snow)

January 7th *

February 11th 

March 11th

April 15th 

May 13th *

June 10th  Meeting has changed to Weds, June 11th at the school!!!  



We are starting to draw the winners of the Calendar raffle.  Check here daily for the Winner of the Day.  Checks will be issued weekly and mailed to the winner.  

 April 1st:  Congratulations to Roy Ogilivie.  As our first winner of the Calendar raffle, you have won $100.00!!!

April 2nd:  Congratulations to Violeta Kelertas.  You have won $20.00

April 3rd:  Congratulations to Kari Cookson.  You have won $20.00

April 4th:  Congratulations to Pat Burton.  You have won $20.00

April 5th:  Congratulations to Erika and Chris Lund.  You have won $50.00

April 6th:  Congratulations to Mary Rebeiro.  You have won $50.00

April 7th:  Congratulations to Rob Skaling.  You have won $20.00.

April 8th:  Congratulations to Kristina Boving.  You have won $20.00

April 9th:  Congratulations to Dustin Lowman.  You have won $20.00

April 10th: Congratulations to Bob and Karen Lund.  You have won $20.00

April 11th:  Congratulations to Elvia Canta. You have won $20.00

April 12th:  Congratulations to Matthew Roland.  You have won $50.00

April 13th:  Congratulations to Gilda Beckenstein.  You have won $50.00

April 14th:  Congratulations to Mike LaPlume.  You have won $20.00

April 15th:  Congratulations to Mike LaPlume.  You have won $20.00

April 16th:  Congratulations to Sidra Nikolyszyn.  You have won $20.00

April 17th:  Congratulations to Marl Sockbesn.  You have won $20.00

April 18th:  Congratulations to Pat Williams.  You have won $20.00

April 19th:  Congratulations to Erika and Chris Lund.  You have won $50.00

April 20th:  Congratulations to Kelly Presley.  You have won $50.00

April 21st:  Congratulations to Maria Duque.  You have won $20.00

April 22nd:  Congratulations to Ashley Bohall.  You have won $20.00

April 23rd:  Congratulations to Ken Murphy.  You have won $20.00

April 24th:  Congratulations to Lori Murphy.  You have won $20.00

April 25th:  Congratulations to Marilyn Russell .You have won $20.00

April 26th:  Congratulations to Debra Greene.  You have won $50.00

April 27th:  Congratulations to Allyson Ventura-Tesillo.  You have won $50.00

April 28th:  Congratulations to Kevin McCarthy .  You have won $20.00

April 29th:  Congratulations to Latisha Wolstencroft.  You have won $20.00

April 30th:  Congratulations to Jen Sherer.  You have won $100.00.


If you have access to facebook, please "like" the school's facebook page.  The facebook page is kept current with up to date information on many things:  photos of expeditions and intensives, upcoming school events, student and staff accomplishments, fundraising efforts, and of course: PTSO news and information!!  You can simply reach our page by clicking on the facebook logo on the home page of the school's website. Check it out.  


                     Use your stop and shop card and register for the A+Rewards program to benefit the school.

To do this at home, simply go to:

Enter the three first letters of your last name and your 13 number stop and shop number from your card. 

The school's code is:  09018

Friends and families can sign up too!!  Thank you for your support.