What are Intensives?

Twice a year, all students participate in "intensives", a mini-course or elective, taught by both Greene School teachers and community experts.  The intensive period typically lasts five days, offering three distinct types of courses:

Enrichment Intensives   Students who are proficient in their learning targets and habits of work are eligible to participate in an intensive that meets an interest or passion of theirs. These elective classes are credit bearing and often have flex-timing, fieldwork components, meet with experts in the field of study and often create a final product for the public. Recent examples include Art in Action, History and Architecture of Newport, From Farm to Table, Alien Invaders! Aquatic Invasives in Rhode Island. Intensives offering at The Greene School are aligned with Common Core standards and honor the mission and vision of the school.

Interested in seeing a few course descriptions? Click below!

            Foundations of Food: Cooking as a Transformative Process

            Land Conservation Leadership Project

           The History and Architecture of Newport

A popular intensive in the Spring is the Appalachian Trail Intensive- two teachers lead 15 students on a four day hike on a portion of the AT.  Enjoy a short video of the fun and the adventures they had this Spring ( 2014):  Click below:


Support Intensives: Building Blocks for Success This intensive is provided for students who are not academically proficient in their learning targets despite accomplished habits of work. Here, they have the opportunity to work toward proficiency in their classwork through new learning experiences and one-to-one for extra help with content-area teachers. Students find their own pacing, are highly independent and can become proficient on multiple learning targets in more than one core class over the week.

Support Intensives: Habits of Mind This intensive is offered for students who are not proficient in their habits of work—and may or not be proficient in their academic learning targets. Here, students identify their passions and make structured plans for developing the path needed to get there. They analyze their personal track records with habits of work and begin to identify patterns within their own lives. This course focuses around helping to prepare students for college, through college visits Skype-sessions with EL high school graduates on the trials of high school life and their college careers.