Expeditions and Fieldwork


Expeditions at The Greene School

The Greene School organizes teaching and learning to take advantage of its small size and to support public products, field experiences, and sustained interdisciplinary learning.  These structures, the heart of the Expeditionary Learning Schools include learning Expeditions.

Learning Expeditions are the signature of EL and The Greene School.  It is a curricular structure, combining multiple elements of the EL approach: guiding questions, kickoff experiences, projects, fieldwork, experts, service learning, and a culminating event that features high-quality student work.

Expeditions are the core experience within the academic program.  Expeditions explore content and skills within at least two major disciplines during an in-depth examination of a compelling topic.  Often that topic will start with issues or events of local interest that relate to larger areas of study.  Using case studies and investigations, expeditions immerse students in the relevance of material with which students all to often fail to connect.  Expeditions include a student completed "product" that has value to an external audience, e.g. a reserach project on local water quality culminating in a presentation to the ciry council on the student' findings, implications for the community, and recommendations for resolving pressing issues.


Fieldwork at The Greene School

Students at The Greene School participate in extensive fieldwork.  Our students learn from fieldwork, experts, and service in addition to learning from text. They use the natural and social environments of their communities as sites for purposeful fieldwork and service connected to academic work. Students working in the field are active investigators using the research tools, techniques of inquiry, and standards of presentation used by professionals in the field. Our school has  developed procedures and protocols to ensure that fieldwork is safe and productive. In addition to having students conduct research outside the school, teachers bring experts from the community into the classroom. These experiences maximize students’ motivation to learn.