Meet Our Staff

Ms. Deanna Duncan — Head of School

Head of School

"My commitment to The Greene School learning community extends to provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum that not only teaches skills, but also develops critical thinkers and connections to the natural world."

Ms. Duncan is the head of Rhode Island’s first expeditionary learning, public chartered high school. Ms. Duncan holds a Master’s degree in Secondary Science Education, a Bachelor’s degree in Geosciences and a lifetime Science teaching certificate. In addition to her almost 30 years experience as an educator, leader and administrator, Ms. Duncan also holds an Environmental Educator’s certificate.

With a focus on environmental education, Ms. Duncan’s teaching background is centered on making learning meaningful for all young adults. Among the many teaching and educational positions held, Ms. Duncan has taught middle and high school science, hasserved as planetarium director, director of an environmental resource center in North Carolina, and has drafted curriculum for existing and new school programs. Recently completing her fifteenth year as an educational leader, Ms. Duncan has latterly worked to start three new schools, each with a strong environmental bias, with the most recent being The Greene School.

Of Ms. Duncan’s many accomplishments she proudly served as an educator in Uganda to facilitate Conservation Education for teachers. She has also received numerous awards for her work as an environmental and science educator. More importantly however, she brings a wealth of experience and passion as an educator and administrator to Rhode Island, where under her stewardship, she has taken the expeditionary learning philosophy and grown it such that graduates of The Greene School are assureda productive future where environmental responsibility and green technology will be key to the development and growth for their future success.

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Ms. Melissa Hall — Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

“The most effective teachers and school leaders do not think of what they do as a job, but rather as a calling or a cause. It takes collective passion and perseverance to make a great school.”

I am incredibly honored and excited to be a part of The Greene School Community! 

I am a native Rhode Islander with fifteen years of public high school teaching experience. Certifications in both Special Education and Mathematics have given me a diverse understanding of the various types of learners, and the strategies needed to allow every student to reach his/her full potential. In addition to teaching, I have been an active member of school leadership teams, participated in curriculum and assessment development, and mentored new teachers. I realize it takes an entire school community- including teachers, staff, students, parents, and community members all working towards the vision and mission of a school to make a school great.

I love the environmental and 21st Century skill-set focus of The Greene School, and think our students have an amazing opportunity here to enrich their education through local and global stewardship. The passion and dedication of the entire Greene School community is already apparent to me, and cannot wait to work with everyone as we all strive to make TGS the best it can be.  

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Ms. Lisa Cash — Business Manager

Business Manager

Lisa has been with The Greene School for two years as our Buisness Manager.  This year she is also in the role of Human Resources manager.

Ms. Karen Fontes — Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselor

"I am excited and honored to be part of The Greene School community.  The philosophy and mission of the school fit perfectly with my own passion for animals (especially dogs!) and with my respect for the earth."

Karen graduated from RI College in 1986 and began her career at RCA Evaluation and Treatment Center in Cranston working with adjudicated youth in a locked facility. From there, she accepted a position at Johnson & Wales University where she stayed for eleven years. Karen was fortunate to join the University at a time of tremendous growth and was able to grow along with them holding positions in the Student Success Department, Residential Life, the Office of the Dean of Students and the Athletics Department. She also worked on her advanced studies during those years and received her Master of Science degree in 1990 from the University of Rhode Island in Human Development, Counseling and Family Studies. After J&W, Karen accepted a guidance counselor position at St. Mary Academy-Bay View which was her alma mater. During this time Karen also began to formulate a goal which developed from her passion of loving animals. After three years, she left Bay View and opened Bone Appetit Dog Bakery in East Greenwich. However, Karen missed education so she sold the shop and accepted a guidance position at North Kingstown High School. Karen joined The Greene School in August, 2012. She is a proud vegetarian and loves siberian huskies. She has had siberians since she was in the 7th grade and currently has a 6 year old siberian rescue from Tennessee named Lacey. Karen and Lacey reside in Exeter.

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Mr. Brendan Haggerty — Math/Science Instructional Guide/Chemistry Teacher

Math/Science Instructional Guide/Chemistry Teacher

"I hold a deep belief that critical thought is the most indispensable quality of a self-governing society, and therefore public education must be recognized as the heart of a functioning democracy."

Mr. Brendan Haggerty is one of two science teachers at The Greene School, where he teaches chemistry. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and education, and a personality that inspires a thirst for learning, Mr. Haggerty is undoubtedly one of The Greene School’s strongest advocates of expeditionary learning. Of specific interest is his own training and background, which has resulted in his firm belief in experiential education; a process where students are immersed in direct learning through field work – and these learning experiences relate back to the classroom experience –a learning process that students gain exposure to through the expeditionary learning philosophy at The Greene School.

Before joining The Greene School, Mr. Haggerty taught at an expeditionary learning school in Arizona, but his desire to return to his New England roots, and its diverse ecosystems and landscapes led him to embrace the unique opportunity to serve students in the State of Rhode Island, where The Greene School is the first and only expeditionary learning, chartered public high school.

Entering his seventh year of teaching, Mr. Haggerty is also certified to teach earth science and chemistry. In addition to regular classroom activities, Mr. Haggerty is the senior project coordinator at The Greene School.


Ms. Alex Edelmann — Humanities Instructional Guide/Social Studies Teacher

Humanities Instructional Guide/Social Studies Teacher

"I am jazzed to be in New England, to be back in the land of stonewalls, water, and early American history. Strong community has always been the constant in my life and I am thrilled to be beginning another year here at The Greene School."

Ms. Edelmann is The Greene School Instructional Guide for the Humanities Department and serves as the 20th Century History teacher as well. A founding teacher at TGS, Ms. Edelmann has a deep passion for Expeditionary Learning. She has worked with the Instructional Leadership Team to develop school curriculum and policy, including the writing of and compiling of the school's Crew curriculum. Ms. Edelmann also oversees the International Travel Program which strives to make exploration accessible to all TGS students.

She is the 2012 recipient of the Fulbright JAPAN Teacher Exchange Program for Education in Sustainable Development and the 2014 Peter McWalters Professional Educator Award. She has also presented at the Expeditionary Learning Schools National Conference several times.

Mr. Jeff Johnson — Social Studies Teacher

Social Studies Teacher

“An environment-based education movement--at all levels of education--will help students realize that school isn't supposed to be a polite form of incarceration, but a portal to the wider world.” ― Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

Mr Johnson, who holds a BA in History and a master's degree in special education, started as a special education teacher in Providence, R.I. at The Providence Center School and Later at the MET high school in South Providence for five years. As a special educator he developed a real appreciation for the learning differences of all students and became an advocate for special education students in particular. Mr Johnson also has a profound love of history and has since become a history teacher at The Greene School. He also has the privilege of running a economics class as well as being the coach of the school's robotics team Mr Johnson is an avid fan of the outdoors. He has been a part of a team to lead students along the Appalachian Trail for the last two years. He is a firm believer in the power of outdoor education and has also served as a National Park Ranger on Mt. Rainier for a number of seasons.

Mr. Logan Bonney — Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Logan Bonney is the 9th and 10th grade history teacher at The Greene School. After graduating from Radford University in Virginia with a Bachelors of Science in the social sciences with a teaching certificate, he moved to Vermont where he worked in the public school system for four years. Mr. Bonney moved to Rhode Island in 2013 to attend graduate school, earning a Master of Arts in Teaching for social studies/history from Brown University. While in Vermont, Mr. Bonney developed a passion and respect for outdoor recreation which he hopes to exercise during Greene School fieldwork, wilderness, and intensive activities. As one of the newest members of the Greene School team, Mr. Bonney is excited to work within the rigorous and engaging Expeditionary Learning framework while examining important historical topics and key academic skills. His World and U.S. history courses will benefit from a close interaction with the rich, cultural, and historical landscape of Rhode Island.

Ms. Kayleigh Carvalho — English/Language Arts Teacher

English/Language Arts Teacher

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."

Kayleigh Carvalho is one of two English Language Arts teachers at The Greene School, where she teaches 11th and 12th grade. Ms. Carvalho knew from high school that her life passion would be teaching adolescents to "think with their pen" and explore their own identities by reading as much as possible. A Moby Dick aficionado, she attends the annual marathon reading of Moby Dick at the New Bedford Whaling Museum every January. She is a member of the Bread Loaf Teachers Network, a cohort of teachers from across the nation who collaborate in different ELA and classroom share projects, and is currently studying at the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College for her Masters Degree in English Literature. Before coming to The Greene School, Ms. Carvalho taught abroad in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, where she took her students to the summit of Mt. Olympus and to various cities throughout Europe for parliamentary debate competitions. Relocating back to Rhode Island has been an amazing experience for her, as she strives to endow The Greene School students with the same sense of wonder and inquiry that carried her across the world.

Rebecca Curtis — English/Language Arts Teacher

English/Language Arts Teacher
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover"- Mark Twain

Rebecca Curtis teaches ELA to the underclassmen at The Greene School focusing on The Classics and American Literature. Ever since high school she has loved to express herself in her writing and now brings that passion to her classroom. She graduated from Rhode Island College with a degree in Secondary Education English and Psychology and has worked with adolescents since 1998. “I have always been drawn to educating, guiding and supporting our communities youth. They are so creative, expressive and open to new ideas that it makes teaching ELA a true enjoyment!” Her teaching philosophy embraces educating in a holistic manner, something The Greene School models daily. Her goal is for her students to step outside their comfort zone and embrace new literature and writing strategies with zest and rigor. Mrs. Curtis is involved in The Greene School’s Poetry/Writing Club, Bounce (the school’s newspaper) and 100 Mile Radius Dinner catering to both her love for literature and food! She looks forward to exploring the world of ELA with her students and sharing her true passion with them!

Ms. Megan Curran — Math Teacher

Math Teacher

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. –Henry Ford

Megan Curran is a math teacher at the Greene School. She graduated from Merrimack College with a degree in Mathematics and a Concentration in Secondary Education. She completed her undergraduate mathematical research in Knot Theory. Megan was also involved in the Math and Science Partnership where she led a group of high school students in real world math and science projects. After graduation she worked at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center where she used applied mathematics to develop and analyze torpedo software. Her passion for mathematics and teaching has led her to pursue a teaching career where she could share this passion with others.

Ms. Heather Chatterley — Math Teacher

Math Teacher

Ms. Sue Hoaglund — Music Teacher

Music Teacher

“I am very excited to start a music program for The Greene School, and I want to involve as many students as possible in creating diverse musical experiences and performances.”

Ms. Sue Hoaglund teaches music to Greene School students. A trained classical violinist, Ms. Hoaglund graduated Boston University with a Bachelor degree in Music, and holds two advanced degrees in German and English. She brings almost 30 years of music directing and teaching to The Greene School. 

Testimony to Ms. Hoaglund’s wealth of experience, she continues to build the Music program at The Greene School, which involves teaching general and elective music classes, plus foundation music classes in piano and guitar,and other instruments as needed. Additional to this, Ms. Hoaglund offers electives in music related subjects such as the History of Jazz and the History of Rock and Reggae, all of which are designed to engage and inspire students in their educational journey.

In keeping with The Greene School’s expeditionary learning philosophy, Ms. Hoaglund’s role will be to enhance the Arts programs that will be available to students throughout their high school experience and as such, she will team with other teachers to run after school programs such as Drama Club and a Theatre program, and she will also lead a German Club. Ms. Hoaglund will continue in her role of Advisor, as she continues to run the Greene School’s National Honor Society chapter.

Mr. Kurt VanDexter — Art/Landscape Design Teacher

Art/Landscape Design Teacher

Mr. Derek Gustafson — Wellness/Health Teacher

Wellness/Health Teacher

"I strongly believe that every student has the right to learn, and I carry that philosophy with me through all my lessons, making sure every day is an opportunity for a student to learn and succeed."

Mr. Derek Gustafson is The Greene School’s physical education and health teacher. He received his Bachelors degree in health education, physical education and adaptive physical education from Rhode Island College. In addition, he is a First Aid and CPR instructor and holds an American Canoe Association Level III Open Coastal Kayak instructor certificate. The combination of these qualifications has made Mr. Gustafson a popular member of staff at The Greene School, as he volunteers his time to take groups of students kayaking on the beautiful waterways that are an integral part of Rhode Island’s natural beauty.

With a focus on fitness for life and healthy living, The Greene School’s goal is to open student’s hearts and minds to natural sporting activities that do not involve a gym, such as rock climbing, hiking, and kayaking to name just a few. Coupled with this philosophy, Mr. Gustafson’s health class is geared toward teen/ young adult physical and mental health, and covers all state curriculum requirements.

Ms. Meghan Dutton — Special Education

Special Education

 "In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught."-Babe Dioum

Ms. Meghan Dutton is a special educator at The Greene School, and has a Bachelors degree in Sociology, minoring in political and multi-cultural studies, and a Masters degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. Ms. Dutton has worked at elementary, middle, and high school levels in the areas of Math, Science, and English. She will be providing support and accommodations for students to successfully navigate through the rigors of education. Ms. Dutton is trained as a Mindful Schools teacher, practices mindfulness herself, and has a passion for teaching students and teachers mindful techniques to help build focus and resilience. In volunteering for Bead for Life (a non-profit organization working towards eradicating extreme poverty in Africa), traveling to Africa, and working in disaster regions of the U.S., she hopes to add to the already global perspective on sustainability and stewardship at The Greene School. She also hopes to bring her love for nature and her passion for stewardship of the earth- taking care of the planet, and each other- into each classroom and into the lives of each of her students here at The Greene School.

Mr. Joel Watson — Special Educator

Special Educator

Ms. Julie Pettis — Language Lab Coordinator

Language Lab Coordinator

"Kindness, a language deaf people can hear, and blind see."  Mark Twain

Ms. Pettis is thrilled to be part of a school that exemplified kindness, kindness to each other, and kindness to our environment.  She is happy to be part of such a wonderful school that promotes positive thinking, positive behavior and awareness of our environment and community.

Active in environmental issues since 1982, Miss Pettis is a founding member of RI Group Against Spraying Pesticides and served for several years on the board of the Environment Council of Rhode Island.  Ms. Pettis’ 16 year teaching career began in 1992 at St. Joseph School in West Warwick and Notre Dame School in Coventry.  She began studying American Sign Language in 2000 and worked part time as an interpreter for 9 years.  She also worked for “Sing a Sign”, teaching American Sign Language to hearing children in nine different schools.  She was a staff member for “Silent Camp, a summer program for Deaf adults at Burlingame Campground for five summers.  Ms. Pettis describes her feeling being at The Greene School as, “…right at home.” 

Mr. Len Newman — Special Education Director

Mr. Ryan Hall — Technology Director

"If you want to go fast, go alone...  If you want to go far, go together..." African Proverb

Mr. Hall is excited to be a part of The Greene School learning community as the Technology Director!  Growing up nearby, Mr. Hall believes that outdoor and environmental education are necessities for a balanced life and is thrilled to be combining his passion for education and technology with the outdoors.

Mr. Hall comes to the Greene School from a diverse background in both higher education and the professional world, most recently from the admissions and instructional design, departments at the School of Continuing Studies at Roger Williams University in Providence.  With a strong background in social media and multimedia production, Mr. Hall is looking forward to sharing his, and gaining new technical knowledge with the other members of the learning community.

Fred Chubay — Speech and Language Therapist

After working as a speech-language pathologist for 30 years with the Chariho Regional School District, Mr. Chubay is pleased to find himself engaged in his "twilight" career at The Greene School.    Mr. Chubay believes The Greene School is a wonderful community to be a part of for many reasons, not the least of which is the diversity and enthusiasm of the students.  Mr. Chubay enjoys the satisfaction in watching students develop and grow.  He also enjoys the process of collaboration among parents, teachers, and administrators.  The Greene School is privaledged to share this second chapter of Mr. Chubay's career with him!  So, until the final curtain falls, it is on with the show!


Jim Bernier — School Psychologist